You only need your mobile phone (both Android & iOS) to print to the printer. Great when you have just finished packing your bakes and want to immediately print the labels to finish.
    Large variety of sticker label sizes to fit your labeling needs.
    Bring it anywhere with you; to the kitchen, to your event space, to your baking studio. You no longer need to be confined to your home printer and laptop. 
    Printeet M110 can print from pictures on your phone, to customized labels created via our App. The possibilities are endless!
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Beautiful labels to enhance BRAND LOYALTY

Like what they say, a little packaging goes a long way, a little branding will help your customers remember you better. 

Do not underestimate that little label on your baked goods, it is what will set you apart from your competition.

Make it even better for your recipients when you can even customize their names alongside with your logo to seal their loyalty to your brand.

The best part of it all, it is so simple to do so with the Printeet M110 printer. Just bring up the app, type the words in and click print. Voila!

Versatile DESIGNS

Our printer app allows you to create and put any design elements onto your labels. Logos, QR Code, Datestamp, Timestamp, Photographs, Customized text, barcodes, the possibilities are endless. 

Take your branding and customization to the next level with Printeet M110 printers today!


Benefit of using printeet m110 for labeling baked goods

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Good Quality Labels

Printeet M110 labels stick on your products well, and do not fall off easily, great for product labels. 

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Versatile Designs

Choose from a wide variety of templates to set up your customized labels. Generate barcodes and QR codes directly from our App.

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Local Warranty & Support

Printeet Label Printers are supported locally by Archer, a Singapore company established since 1981.

What our customers think

Nurul Ibrahim

Lazada Seller

Love the labels! I can customize the instructional labels on my items easily and this helps my products stand apart from the rest of the people. 

Ng Ai Zhen

Home Baker

I am a craft person and I enjoy baking cookies and cakes for my loved ones. I like how I can print little messages on the labels to paste them on my packages. The M110 printer is really good, and I have a large variety of labels to select from, all at pocket friendly prices.

Charissa Tan


I bake quite a bit with my 3 year old daughter for some family bonding time and my girl loves sticking these labels on our baked item packaging. It is easy to peel for her little fingers yet sticky enough to withstand transportation.