Fujitsu FP 2000
Fujitsu FP 2000

Fujitsu FP 2000

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The FP-2000 series have useful functions and the new reliable technology for not only POS system but also mounting KIOSK and order entry tickets in Retail, Hospitality and all other industries. In other words, FP-2000 series will be your best business partner.


  • Resolution : 8 dot/mm (0.125mm/dot), 203dpi
  • Printing Method : Direct Line Thermal Method
  • Max. Print Speed : Max 230mm per second
  • Paper Width :  80mm, 58mm, 50mm
  • Max. Print Length : 50mm with paper 45mm (360dots)

                                                58mm with paper 48mm (384dots) or 52.5mm (420dots)
                                                80mm with paper 64mm (512dots) or 72mm (576dots)

  • Logo Store Memory :  576KB